3 Years in Israel – 10 things I’ve learned

Can you believe it, its been 3 years since I moved to this amazing, exciting country that I now call home. Some tips I acquired during that time, that I would love to share with you. 

Learn to let go, otherwise you will struggle

Living in Israel means living on a fast paste. People and situations come and go, only very special moments and people will last longer in your life. Its hard to enjoy living here, if you do not adjust to this fast paste and learn to let go of situations that you can not change. 

Never change in order to fit in

Being an Olah (new immigrant), I always tried to fit in a certain way. However, during my three years in Israel I learned to embrace my difference. Believe me, people here will appreciate the fresh and different energy you bring to the table. 

See the positive in every situation

„Am Yisrael Chai“, in every aspect. You will go through a lot of ups and downs, and you know what; That is amazing. You will grow in a way, you are never able to, in any other country in the world. The most important thing, is to always stay positive and happy. Learn to grow from every situation.

Israel is not Germany, stop comparing

I guess its natural to compare. We compare our Ex’s with each other, our favorite pairs of shoes even the restaurants we are eating in. One aspect I still need to learn, is to STOP COMPARING Germany to Israel. It doesn’t make since, but I still catch myself doing it. Israel is a new country, carrying a new language and people from all over the world. It is located in the Middle East and clearly has nothing to do with Deutschland. Major point you need to check on; Stop comparing Israel to any other country in the world.

Don’t follow other people

Everybody in Israel has an opinion and that itself is amazing. However, make sure to ALWAYS double check when getting advice or asking a question. Always make up your own mind. Whether you are just asking for the direction or for a life advice. Learn to have your own knowledge and opinion.

Wait as much as possible, before getting physical with someone

Thank me later 🙂

Be persistent – it will be worth it

Pretty much applicable to every situation. If you want something in life, be persistent. If you will work on something very hard and want it very badly it will come to you. Try to always keep going, even if it seems difficult.

Don’t take your self too seriously 

Trust me, its just not worth it.

Treat yourself with love & respect 

Sometimes you will feel down. Sometimes you will feel like giving up and just going back to your safe place (basically back to Mom & Dad). Just try to always give yourself love. Being confident and loving yourself is the best medicine for feeling lonely and down. Its something you will need to work on, it will take up lots of your time. At the end of the day, you are truly your one and only friend. So give yourself that love you deserve. 

Always check your bills and receipts

Because why should’t you. 


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