Some broken heart advice

I probably never had so much boys drama, like I did since moving to Tel Aviv. I guess that’s not only part of growing up but learning more about yourself as well. No matter if you date someone for a month or a year; leaving a person is always painful. The great thing is, you actually move closer to your soulmate (yes, he is somewhere out there). Plus, you learn so much – not only about yourself but about the qualities you would like your other half to have.

During my 3 years in Israel, I learned and acquired some small but hopefully great advices, to help someone get over a person and grow strong from it instead of miserable and depressed.

1) Its ok if you cry – take as much time to get over someone as you need. There is no timeframe, that can be applied to every single person. Never force yourself to get over someone, take as much time to heal as you need. However, I want to stress, that the crying should be cleansing and freeing, instead of pitiful and miserable.

2) Think ahead and create positive thoughts – This is something that I can not stress enough. Everything is just in your head, don’t try to overanalyze things. Some things in life happen and we will never know why, you should learn to live with it. Start creating positive thoughts and energy. Plan your next trip or next project. Create new patterns, dream of your ideal man/woman, take on a new hobby. By creating good vibes and thoughts in your head, you will feel better about yourself and life in general.

3) Don’t let anything lower your self love– I never understood the meaning of self love more, until my first big break up. Nobody will ever respect you and love you, if you don’t love yourself. It’s great to love yourself and do not let anyone tell you anything else. If someone left, we tend blaming it on ourselves, this will automatically harm your self esteem and love to yourself. Sometimes things happen and its ok. Don’t be harsh on yourself and do not insult yourself. Instead, feel the pain, grow from it. Stand up, look in the mirror and say “I’m amazing and good things will happen to me.”

4) Accept it – This is something I truly learned since moving here. Sometimes you need to take breath, accept it and let it go. Don’t fight it, it will only be worse. Accept the fact that it happened. The universe is so much bigger than us. We truly don’t see the bigger picture. Things happen for a reason, if you hold onto things that you can not change, you’ll become bitter and down. Instead, try to work on letting go and accepting a painful event.

5) Don’t close your heart – There will be the one that you will choose to spend the rest of your life with. The most important thing is not to close up your heart to someone new. Take as much time to heal as you need, but once you are ready- be open, happy and fun- this way you will attract what you want in life.

Everybody you meet teaches you something about yourself. Life is amazing, never forget that.


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